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A NURSERY AND TODDLER ROOM are available downstairs for babies and toddlers during the church service.  Grace Kneil will be there to greet you and your children. A multiage SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS meets in the lower level following “A Time for all Children”.  Anna Duxler and Megan Lovely teach the class.


BABY MONITORS are available for those of you who leave your children in the nursery or toddler room during the church service.  To check one out, please see Grace in the nursery.


BE SURE TO CHECK OUR WEB SITE each week for updates and new pictures! A preview of the Order of Service, Sunday announcements and Sermons are posted each week!  An archive of sermons (select the speaker), newsletters, and up-to-date calendar are all readily available on the website too.  Also check out our Facebook page by clicking on “Facebook” on any page of our church website,


HEARING ASSISTED RECEIVERS are available for your use during the church service.  Please see an usher if you need one.


WANT A CD of a worship service?  Please sign up on the CD Form on the information board in Fellowship Hall.  You may pick-up your CD in the library.  $2 per CD may be put in “Deposit Box” in the office.


WOMENS’ GUILD BOOK EXCHANGE New books come in every week for this Women’s Guild outreach project.  Please bring books you have read and think others would enjoy to add to our bookshelves.  We like to keep our inventory interesting and inviting!   


CHECK OUT THE BULLETIN BOARDS IN FELLOWSHIP HALL.  The minutes of all the UCC Boards are posted on the bulletin boards as are the roster for the Church Council and all other boards.


Good Morning! Welcome to University

Congregational Church!




THE FLOWERS ON THE COMMUNION TABLE TODAY are given by Jan Deering, Eric Deering, and Emilie Deering Hartwig in loving memory of Bert Deering.


WE WELCOME BROOKE AND BRIAN FINAN AND PAT SNYDER AS OUR NEW MEMBERS TODAY! Please read their profiles in today’s bulletin.




YOGA CLASSES meet on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ($5.00) and Friday at 10:00 Fellowship Hall.


THE NEEDLEWORKERS will meet in Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, August 12 at 10:00.




THE C.E. BOARD will meet in the Science and Exploration Room.


THE BOARD OF DEACONS will meet in the area off the kitchen downstairs.


THE MUSIC BOARD will meet in the choir room.


THE OUTREACH BOARD will meet in the office meeting room


THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES will meet in the conference room.

All meeting start at 11:45.


JIM WHITE will lead a class at 1:00 in Fellowship Hall. More information on the next page.




WE INVITE OUR VISITORS TODAY to join us in Fellowship Hall after the service for coffee, refreshments and conversation.  Just follow the crowd down the hallway (west).


PLEASE SIGN THE FELLOWSHIP PAD when it comes down the pew.  Members please sign and update any changes in your contact information.  If you are a guest, please sign the pad so that we may thank you for worshipping with us.


THE NEEDLEWORKERS will get together Tuesday, August 12, at 10:00 in Fellowship Hall.  If you have wanted to learn how to knit, crochet, or any other type of needlework, here is the place to come and get free lessons.  If you already are a needleworker, join the group and bring your own project or work on some of the projects that are being done to help kids while they are in the hospital.  If you plan to stay a while, bring a sack lunch.


JIM AND PATTI WHITE will be visiting UCC on Sunday, August 17! Jim has written a new book “Brief Christian Histories-Getting a Sense of Our Long Story” which he will talk about in a class that will meet at 1:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall that afternoon. There is information on the PIC board about the book which we have for sale in the church office for $25.00 if you would like to read it before the class. “Brief Christian Histories” has gotten some good reviews from Walter Brueggemann, John Shelby Spong and our own Paul Jackson.  Jim will also speak in the Christian Life spot during the church service. See insert.



to an open house reception for Jim and Patti White

on Saturday, August 16, form 5:00-9:00 p.m.

at the home of Mike and Leigh Aaron Leary, 7233 Oxford, 67226. Food and drinks provided.  Casual. Please RSVP by signing up in Fellowship Hall on the PIC board or calling the  church office by Friday, August 15.

VICTORIA RATCLIFFE our guest violin player today, attended UCC as a young girl and is the daughter of Martin Ratcliffe. She is now a sophomore at Rockhurst College in Kansas City majoring in pre-med and plays violin there as well.


THE CHOIR WILL RETURN SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7.  Please consider becoming a student choir member sponsor for the 10 months the choir is a part of the worship service. The sponsorship is $1,500 per student or $150. per month OR contribute what you can and join in with other families. We need your sponsorship soon so we know how many students we can select.  See insert.


MEN’S GROUP LUNCH will be Thursday, August 21, 11:30 at Lakeside Club located at Webb and 21st St. behind Walgreens.

Sign up in Fellowship Hall.


PUT SUNDAY, AUGUST 31 ON YOUR CALENDAR—it’s wear your “UCC Polo Shirt to Church Day”!


PLEASE BE AWARE of the new storm warning diagrams for direction of travel to shelter that have been mounted on the walls at strategic locations throughout the church. The main level diagrams indicate the direction of travel to the basement shelter.  The basement diagrams indicate areas of refuge.

Also, the Emergency Egress Procedures call for everyone to locate the exit sign nearest them and immediately leave the building at that location.











Brooke and Brian Finan

Brooke and Brian Finan were married at University Congregational Church in 2001 by Dr. Robert Meyers. Before that, Brooke grew up in Colorado and then moved to Wichita during fifth grade.  She graduated from Wichita Collegiate School in 1991 and attended Manchester College in Indiana where her grandfather was a professor.  She spent her senior year abroad studying in France and then earned a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in France during the year after she graduated.


Upon Brooke’s return to the States she took a job teaching French at Forman School in Litchfield, CT.  It was there that she met Brian, a fellow teacher at that school and a native of Litchfield.  In the years leading up to when Brooke and Brian met, Brian studied at Plymouth State College in New Hampshire and the University of Connecticut.

After Brian and Brooke had worked together for a few years in Connecticut they became engaged and returned to Kansas to begin their life as a married couple.  They both attended graduate school at The University of Kansas.  They then lived in Nashville for a few years where their daughter, Clare, was born.

Finally, they returned to Wichita in 2007 and have both taught at the Wichita Collegiate School ever since.  Brooke is the upper school French teacher and Brian is the sixth grade science teacher.  Their son Liam will be starting pre-kindergarten this year and Clare will be in second grade.  Brian and Brooke are delighted to become members of UCC and appreciate all that this church has already given them and their children.

Patricia Snyder

Pat was born in Beaver, Oklahoma and moved with her parents to a farm near Mahaska, KS following World War II.  She graduated from Kansas State University where she met her husband, Jim.


The Snyder family traveled extensively while Jim spent 30 years in the Air Force.  Some exciting times were had while living in Bangkok, Thailand and also Stuttgart, Germany.  Of course, there were many more moves than that mostly in the Southeast part of the U.S.  After retirement from the Air Force they moved to Overland Park where they lived for 23 years before moving to Wichita in December of 2012.


The move to Wichita was motivated to be near their daughter, Deborah and her family.  The move was just at the right time since Jim died in February 2014 and Deborah was a great support during the last month.  Pat keeps busy some of the time being chauffeur for her two grandchildren who live here.


Pat has always enjoyed volunteering, early on with all the activities their 3 children were involved in such as Boy and Girl Scouts as well as various athletic activities and later the Red Cross after the children were leaving for college.  She enjoys reading, sewing, music, and being with friends.


Pat started attending UCC after being invited to attend one of the ladies’ luncheons. She is inspired by the wonderful music and the feeling of giving and outreach provided by the church.



Traditional Word:     Matthew 2: 13-15


The Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Get up, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you; for Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him.”  Then Joseph got up, took the child and his mother by night, and went to Egypt, and remained there until the death of Herod.  This was to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet, “Out of Egypt I have called my son.” 

Contemporary Word:  Tātās


 Our grandmothers walked the banks of the River Nile

Balancing on their heads alabaster jars.

Our tātās beat clothing on the banks of the River Nile

Ringing and rolling the precious drops against limestone rock.

They dried the dates of palm on the banks of the River Nile

Adding to their sweetness a kiss of peace.

They carried the weight of the River Nile

The weight of us all, on their backs, all the while bracing earth with

their toughened feet.

Matthew Shenoda is a Coptic American Professor in the School of Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts, the San Francisco State University