Posted by Paul Ellis Jackson

We welcome all of our visitors today and invite you to the Fellowship Hall for beverages and cookies after the service.  Please follow the congregation to the left out of the sanctuary.




THE FLOWERS ON THE COMMUNION TABLE TODAY are donated by Don Younglund in honor of his


SPRING 2016 UCC GREECE & TURKEY TRIP  An informational meeting will be held today at 9:30am in Fellowship Hall.  Please come to learn about the
proposed trip itinerary and offer your feedback.  There is still room to adjust the dates and itinerary according to your interests!


THE WOMEN’S GUILD have raffle tickets available in Fellowship Hall after the worship service for a suggested donation of $1 each, 12 tickets for $10, or 25 tickets for $20.  Baskets donated for the raffle are on display in
Fellowship Hall. Tickets will be available through the end of September. The drawing will be held at Cook’s Night Out in October. Winners need not be

present to win.  Proceeds to benefit the Women’s Guild projects.


SPONSOR A STUDENT Music Program. Please consider becoming a
student choir member sponsor. Sponsorship is $1,500 per student or $150 per month. The campaign will continue through the end of September.  Please
indicate “Student Scholarship” on the memo line of your check.


FALL FELLOWSHIP DINNERS will be held in October and November.
Fall is a busy season with Revelations, Cooks Night Out, and the church picnic, so we are scheduling only one dinner.  The host can choose whether to schedule the dinner in October or November.


Registration will be handled differently than in the past.  We are asking that those
people who are willing to host a Fellowship Dinner please register on the PIC board.  Once we know how many people will be hosting, then we will know how many guests we can accommodate.  If you are willing to host a dinner, please sign up now through September 13th.  Please indicate the number of people you can accommodate for
dinner in your home, including the host/hosts.  Once we have the list of hosts, there will be a sign up sheet for those wanting to attend a dinner.


NEW MEMBER SUNDAY! On Sept. 13, 2015, we will welcome new members to our church. There is no required class or creed. We simply ask if you wish to join our congregation for worship, fellowship, and service.  If interested in joining the church, contact Dr. Robin McGonigle at or 316-641-5919.



Þ September 9 –   Choir Party at 6:00p.m., Prairie Pines

Þ September 13 – Choir Kick-Off and All church potluck at 6:30p.m.

Þ September 16 – Wednesday Night Alive begins at 6:00p.m., Fellowship Hall

Þ September 20 – Revelations at 6:00p.m., Fellowship Hall

Þ September 27 – UCC 101 Class, 9:00a.m., Basement Conf Rm

Þ September 27 – Congregational Meeting, 11:30a.m., Sanctuary


Þ October 4 –       9:00a.m. Worship Service begins, Fellowship Hall

Þ October 15 –     Cook’s Night Out at 6:00 p.m., Fellowship Hall

Þ October 28 –     Women’s Guild Baby Shower at 11:00a.m., Fellowship Hall


Þ November 1 –   UCC 101 Class, 9:00a.m., Basement Conf Rm

Þ November 3 –   Welcome Wagon Auction, at 9:30a.m., Fellowship Hall

Þ November 29 – Hanging of the Greens, 5:00p.m.


Þ December 12 – Christmas Party, 5:00p.m., Fellowship Hall

Þ December 24 – Christmas Eve Service, 7:00p.m., Sanctuary