Posted by Paul Ellis Jackson

Sermon Title: Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice: Sacred Vulnerability

We welcome all of our visitors today and invite you to the fellowship hall for beverages and cookies after the worship service. Please follow the congregation to the left out of the sanctuary.


THE FLOWERS ON THE COMMUNION TABLE TODAY are given by Larry and Barbara Widmer, In celebration of their 49th wedding anniversary.


ANGEL TREE GIVING for the Christmas Season. Beginning today, November 11, please stop by our Angel Tree in fellowship hall to select the adult person in need who you wish to gift this Christmas season. This year, our “angels” are persons with intellectual disabilities served by Starkey, a nonprofit agency that enables clients to live and work in the community. Starkey identifies “angels’ who have very low incomes, and limited or no family engagement, and who would otherwise have no gifts under their Christmas tree. Angel tags identify their gift list. You are asked to purchase at least three items on the list, the majority of which are modest in cost. Your gifts should be wrapped, placed in a single clear plastic bag with the original tag, and returned to the parlor no later than Sunday, December 2.

MENS’ LUNCH is Thursday, November 15, at 11:30, at Scotch & Sirloin. The guest speaker is Ann Fox, with Habitat for Humanity.

YOGA meets every Tuesday at 4:00 and Friday, at 10:00, in fellowship hall. The cost for the Tuesday class is $5 because it is instructor led.


NEW MEMBER SUNDAY is November 18, 2018. If you are interested in joining, please contact Robin or Heidi at 634-0430, or

COMMITMENT CAMPAIGN “THANK YOU” – on Sunday, November 18, at 11:30, in the fellowship hall, the Commitment Campaign Team will devote a few minutes to say “thank you” for your commitments to UCC for 2019.

ALL BOARDS MEET on Sunday, November 18 , immediately following the worship service at 11:45 a.m.

ITALIAN JOURNEY – We are delighted to invite you on an unforgettable journey through Italy. Travel dates are April 22 – May 4, 2019. Registration forms and itineraries are available in the foyer and in fellowship hall. Additional travelers are needed to make this trip possible.