Posted by Paul Ellis Jackson


Sermon Title: Faith After Certainty: The Seven Deadly Myths about Sin.

We welcome all of our visitors today and invite you to the Fellowship Hall for beverages and cookies after the service. Please follow the
congregation to the left out of the sanctuary.


THE FLOWERS ON THE COMMUNION TABLE TODAY are given by the family of Benny Leonard in memory of Benny’s son, Robert “Bob” Kelly


ALL BOARDS MEET immediately following the worship service at 11:45.

THE CE BOARD will meet in the Science and Exploration Room.
THE DEACONS will meet in the are outside the downstairs kitchen.
THE MUSIC BOARD will meet in the room beside the choir room.
THE OUTREACH BOARD will meet in the office meeting room.
THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES will meet in the conference room.


MAUNDY THURSDAY SERVICE is Thursday, March 24, at 6:00p.m., in the Sanctuary.

YOGA is Tuesdays at 4:00 ($5.00) & Fridays at 10:00 in Fellowship Hall.


EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE at 7:00 a.m., south side courtyard.

EASTER WORSHIP SERVICE at regular time 10:30 a.m.

EASTER EGG HUNT for all children will be held immediately following worship service at 11:30 a.m., on the south side courtyard.

UCC COUNCIL meets Monday, March 28, at 6:30, in the basement
conference room.

LARKSFIELD TEA meets Wednesday, March 16, 10:00 in the Club Rm. This will be an informational, question/answer gathering. Everyone is
welcome to join in.

EASTER LILY TIME! If you are interested in donating for our Easter floral display, please mail $12.00 to the church office by Friday, March 25, or put your check in the offering plate. Please note “Easter Lilies” on the memo line of your check and include if the donation is in honor of or in memory of someone. We will print this information in the bulletin. Checks that are mailed may be sent to:

9209 E 29th ST N

COOKS NIGHT OUT hosts and hostesses needed. We are recruiting for the next three Cooks Night Out events. If you would like to volunteer to set up and serve at one or all three dinners please sign up on the PIC board located in Fellowship Hall. Anyone is welcome to volunteer.