Connect Worship

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Sunday Mornings

9:00 AM

In Fellowship Hall


Come make a Connection with Yourself and Your World!

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Our Mission

To provide a warm, entrusting environment for individual searchers of all faiths and non faiths seeking deeper meaning, growth opportunities, and skills for relationship enhancement.

  To encourage self-introspection, empower self-esteem, and help people become their best selves in their homes and in the larger community.

Our Vision

To become a place of CONNECTION: Connecting world faiths, science, philosophies and artistry in a search f
or empowering individuals.  

To COUPLE: intellectual integrity with spiritual experience which enhances the life of each person on their journey.

To PROVIDE: weekly services that help connect the inner self with our community and the larger world.

  To become a creative CONNECTION: for artistic spirituality in a spirit of universality.

Our Values

Original Blessing:

We believe in original blessing/original goodness. We do not embrace the concept that people are born in original sin, but that all children are born in the Image of divine goodness.


All are welcome.  Who ever you are, whatever faith or non-faith you choose, your journey is celebrated and respected.


We are on the journey together seeking the highest good, integral in theology, philosophy, world faiths and science.


We encourage constructive respectful dialogue to increase understanding and deepen growth.


We value minds and hearts that are opened to question core beliefs and values with the understanding that no human has all the answers.  We grow together on spiritual journey.