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Christian Heroes

Christian Heroes: The Man Who Saw the Statue

The Man Who Saw The Statue We come this morning to the last in our mini-series on heroes of the faith, and it will be no surprise to most of you that I would conclude with Dr. Albert Schweitzer; I like to save the best for last! When I was younger I used to see […]


Christian Heroes: The American Liberal and Mr. Rockefeller

The American Liberal and Mr. Rockefeller This morning, in the second of a three-part series on heroes of the Christian faith, I want to talk about the most famous and most influential liberal Christian min-ister of modern times. Last Sunday we looked at the remarkable life of Toyohido Kagawa, the small Oriental who went to […]


Christian Heroes: God’s Witness – A Japanese Fool For Christ

A Japanese Fool for Christ While the baseball boys of summer and the men who own the stadiums continue to quarrel over how to divvy up their pot of gold; while that great American statesman, Jesse Helms, recovers from his chronic affliction of hateful heart and loose tongue; and while Muslims and Christians in the […]