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Genesis 6: Temple Flowers and Human Arrogance

Of Temple Towers & Human Arrogance For the benefit of anyone present who has not been here over the past few Sundays, we are wrapping up a series of sermons about the first 11 chapters of Genesis , known to Biblical scholars as the Hebrew mythology sectikon— a rich tapestry of vivid stories about a […]


Genesis 5: Water, Water, Everywhere

“Water, Water Everywhere” For those of you who may not have been present in previous Sundays, we are nearing the end of a series of sermons from Genesis . We have looked at both creation stories, and marveled at how different they are from each other. We have read the story of our own lives […]


Genesis 4: Raising Cain

Genesis 4: Raising Cain I should offer a word of explanation to any visitors present this morning. We are in the midst of several sermons on the book of Genesis , source of some of the world’s most formative religious legends. We have looked at the two creation stories, composed centuries apart by separate authors, […]


Genesis 3: Knowledge-A Two-Sided Sword

Knowledge: The Two-Edged Sword If you have not been here for the past two Sundays, it will help to know that this is the third in a series of sermons based on the opening chapters of Genesis . We have arrived this morning at one of the most vivid stories in the Bible: how the […]


Genesis 2: A Storyteller at Work

Genesis 2: A Storyteller at Work If you are one of our welcome visitors, or you were not here last Sunday, it will help to know that this is the second in a series of sermons based on the first 11 chapters of Genesis , a section of the Bible rich in what is often […]


Genesis 1: A Sublime Hymn

Genesis I: The Sublime Hymn In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a mighty wind swept over the waters. I have taught many of the western world’s great epic stories: the Greek Odyssey, the Latin Aeneid […]