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Imagination – Part III – Taking Time to Look


Imagination – Part II – Seeing With the Eyes of the Heart


Imagination – Part I – Key to the Outside

Key to the Outside At the close of last Sunday’s sermon I tried to tease you into coming back today by promising to talk about one of the greatest of all human gifts. Not the power of speech, that incredible blessing that makes us unique among all other creatures. Not the keen intelligence many people […]


Imagination: Taking Time to Look

Taking Time to Look For two weeks I have been talking about imagination, that distinctly human faculty that makes time and space travelers out of all of us. We can close our eyes and go anyplace we want without physical movement — back to a house where long ago we were children, back to a […]


Imagination: The Eyes of the Heart

The Eyes of the Heart Last Sunday, in the first of a three-part series, we considered a priceless human faculty called imagination — the ability to escape preoccupation with one’s self and see into the heart of another, to identify with somebody’s else’s happiness or grief. Believing that we cannot be truly human, and certainly […]


Imagination: How To Break Out of Prison