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Immortality: “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Where Do We Go From Here? When I was asked some time ago to talk about the emotional subject of eternal life, I planned to use a single Sunday and then go on to something less risky. But I discovered that I couldn’t turn loose quite that quickly, so this morning’s sermon marks the third […]


Immortality: “Eternal Life: Quantity or Quality?”

Eternal Life: Quantity or Quality? If you were not here last week it may help to know that his morning’s sermon about immortality  is  my second response to a request made  by a member of this church.  She grew up in a religion with pat answers to such questions;  what she wants now is to […]


Immortality: Evolution of an Idea

Immortality:  Evolution of an Idea A member of this church has asked  if I would spend some sermon time on the topic of life after death,  knowing that there would be in this audience a wide range of opinions.  She is one of our best and brightest, and I owe her, and others of you […]