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Job: The Answer That Isn’t

The Answer That Isn’t When Victor Hugo said he thought the book of Job might be the greatest masterpiece of the human race, he had two things in mind. As a literary man he liked the poetry, and as a philosopher he liked Job for facing with such courage the most painful question we are […]


Job to God: “Let Me Alone!”

Job to God: “Let Me Alone!” What do you do when you discover that something you were taught in church all your life is not so? Do you close your eyes to the truth of your own experience and say, “I will go on believing what I’ve been taught, no matter what the facts seem […]


The Incredible Wager

The Incredible Wager I mentioned last week that Victor Hugo, author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables , called the book we are examining this morning “perhaps the greatest masterpiece of the human race” — extravagant praise echoed by Martin Luther, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Thomas Carlyle and dozens of other poets, theologians […]