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Re-Imagining Jesus

Re-Imagining Jesus (Part IV): Synagogue: Cradle of the Church

Synagogue: Cradle of the Church We have come this morning to the fourth and final sermon in a series called “Re-Imagining Jesus, and the major thrust of this one is that we miss the real Jesus when we take him out of his first-century Jewish context. You would be surprised at how many Christians manage […]


Re-Imagining Jesus (Part III): Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between The Lines If you were not here over the past two Sundays, it will be helpful to know that we have been talking about re-imagining Jesus, about trying to look past the adoring portraits of the early church to see the face of a real person. In the earliest Gospel we have, Jesus […]


Re-Imagining Jesus (Part II): Write Home If You Find Yourself

“Write Home if You Find Yourself” Before I get into this second sermon in a short series on re-imagining the life of Jesus, I’d like to say something about the twin roles of head and heart, reason and faith, in developing a mature approach to religion. I think it is profoundly wrong, when a child […]


Re-Imagining Jesus (Part I): Hanging a New Gallery

Re-imagining Jesus: Hanging a New Gallery An extraordinary thing happened earlier this year when the face of Jesus appeared in the same week on the cover of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report. All the cover stories were provoked by something called the “Jesus Seminar,” a group of scholars dedicated to learning more […]