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Satan’s Changing Faces

Satan’s Changing Faces If you are visiting this morning, I need to explain that you have arrived at the end of a three-part series of sermons on the evolution of Satan or the devil in Christian writings. I have mentioned already that the Christian world is divided as to whether the devil is a literal […]


The Evolution of Satan

The Evolution of ‘Satan’ If you happen to be one of our welcome visitors this morning, or you were not here last week, this is a second sermon in response to a request from a member of this church who left a remarkably brief note in my box: no preface, no postscript — just four […]


Is The Devil For Real?

Is The Devil For Real? If you get a group of people together who are really interested in basic religious questions there is a high probability that before long one of them will say to another, “Do you believe there is a literal devil, an actual personality who does battle with God for the possession […]