“Everyday Jesus”

June 22, 2014


Robin McGonigle

University Congregational Church

June 22, 2014


“Everyday Jesus”

Luke 24: 13-32



1.  Pull out the insert with the black circle and white markings.

2.  Concentrate on the four dots in the middle until I tell you to stop. (30 seconds)

3.  Close your eyes and tilt your head back.  Keep your eyes closed.

4.  You will see a circle of light.  Continue looking at the circle.

5.     What do you see?


This picture of Jesus may not be what the historical man named Jesus really looked like, but that’s not really the point.  The point is that many times we see our lives as globs of nothingness but if we take time to stop, clear our minds and look beneath the mess, we may see Jesus, the Christ.

Our scripture for today is a familiar one from the gospel of Luke.

Read Luke 24:13-32.

The puzzle of this story is the initial non-recognition of Jesus by those walking with him.  Perhaps they were kept from recognizing him because God willed it.  But why would God want to keep them from recognizing Jesus?  The point of the story is that people saw the resurrected Jesus – why play a game when the stakes are so high?

Probably the disciples failed to recognize Jesus on the road to Emmaus because of their preoccupation with the tragic events of the preceding days.  They had lost hope as they watched their leader tried, convicted, sentenced and crucified.  They were depressed, despondant, moping around trying to make sense of their lives.  And they failed to notice that Jesus was right there with them.

Has this ever happened to you?  You are down and out about your job or a disagreement you’ve had with a friend, dissolutioned with life in general.  You are concerned about a relationship, worried about finances.  You are overwhelmed with activities and find no meaning in life.  Everywhere you look, you are looking for Jesus – for purpose, for truth, for meaning, for joy.  And it escapes you.  You’ve been on the road to Emmaus.