“Staying Positive in a Negative World – Health & Happiness”

February 23, 2020


Robin McGonigle
University Congregational Church
Feb. 23, 2020

Staying Positive in a Negative World – Health & Happiness
Heb. 12:1

After a month or so of hearing how to “stay positive in a negative world”, it may not surprise you that there is medical science to show that people who are positive have better mental and physical well-being. In a major analysis of 15 studies involving 229,000+ participants, people who ranked high in optimism were found to be much less likely to have a heart attack and had a lower mortality rate from any cause than did pessimistic participants in the study. “The data are very consistent… In every case, there was a strong relationship between optismism and a lower risk of disease.” People who look on the bright side also benefit in other ways, such as…
• Lower rates of diabetes
• Lower rates of depression
• Higher rates of problem solving
• Better ability to make their dreams become reality
• Better chance of surviving to age 85 and beyond
• Better able to reframe challenging circumstances in their lives
• Have a can-do attitude
• Develop better coping strategies
So looking on the bright side is good for your physical, psychological and spiritual health! This was written in a February 4, 2020 Wichita Eagle Healthy Living article, and it also noted that no matter your age it is never too late to foster a new outlook on life because the change of attitude can affect your health going forward.

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