Posted by Paul Ellis Jackson


Sermon Title: “Father Abraham and his children”

We welcome all of our visitors today and invite you to the fellowship hall for beverages and cookies after the worship service.  Please follow the congregation to the left out of the sanctuary.


THE FLOWERS ON THE COMMUNION TABLE TODAY are given by Dwight and Pat Oxley in honor of their 58th anniversary.  

ALL BOARDS MEET immediately following the worship service at 11:45.

THE CE BOARD will meet in the Science and Exploration Room.
THE DEACONS will meet in the area outside the downstairs kitchen.
THE MUSIC BOARD will meet in the room beside the choir room.
THE OUTREACH BOARD will meet in the office meeting room.
THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES will meet in the conference room.  


MENS’ LUNCH is Thursday, June 20, at 11:30, at Scotch & Sirloin. What might the future of Wichita look like?  What do citizens say they would prefer?  These questions have been considered for some time by the Greater Wichita Partnership. The group has fleshed out an aspirational vision for Wichita and its environs.  Evan Rosell,  the Vice President of Projects, will talk about these issues at this month’s meeting of the UCC Men’s Club  on June 20, at 11:30 a.m. at the Scotch and Sirloin Restaurant.  (Note: Since we have been meeting there I have never seen anyone actually order a scotch and sirloin.
Jim R.)  Evan is a native of Wichita, earned a B.A. degree from Baylor and a J.D. degree from the School of Law, Washburn University. He is married (Jessie) and has three sons and a daughter.  

YOGA meets every Tuesday at 4:00 and Friday, at 10:00, in fellowship hall. The cost for the Tuesday class is $5 because it is instructor led.  


on Monday, June 24, at 6:30 p.m., in the basement conference room.  

LARKSFIELD DISCUSSION GROUP meets on Wednesday June 26, at 10:00 a.m., in the club room.  

THE SHARING TABLE continues each Sunday during fellowship time through the summer months. The Deacons are implementing a new plan.  They will be preparing coffee, tea, and lemonade only. They will not be providing cookies or treats.  The idea is to involve the congregation in sharing something that will help us learn more about each other:  what you enjoy, what you grow, what you read, your crafts—in other words, what brings you pleasure.  If you want to bring something to eat, that is great, and sharing the recipe would be even better. We will have a book basket for both adult and children’s books.  
Feel free to take a book home to read and then return it for someone else to enjoy.  Be sure to bring a book to share as well.  If you read a quote or a paragraph that touched you, make several copies and put it on the sharing table.  If you enjoy going to the movies, bring some popcorn along with a list of movies that you have enjoyed.  If you are a golfer, donate a few practice balls to the sharing table.  The possibilities are endless, and for this to be successful we hope you will eagerly participate. 

CONGREGATIONAL CAFÉ – on June 30, at 11:30 in fellowship hall. The Ad Hoc Committee to Review the Bylaws will present their reorganization plan to the congregation. The Council has approved the changes and now it is time for the congregation to provide comments.  The committee will then proceed to prepare bylaws revisions for your consideration in the Fall.