UCC Scholarship Student Alumni

The following people are former Scholarship Students with the UCC Chancel Choir and have moved on into the world.  We were blessed to have had their spirits in our presence for a brief time and are immensely proud of them and their accomplishments:


Matthan Black–graduate school at Roosevelt University in Chicago

Mandy Brown–living and working in Baltimore

Melanie Caldwell–working with Disney Tours in Australia

Ariel Daly–living and working in NYC

Jacob January-living and working in NYC

Ross McCorkle–living and working in NYC

Luke Mason–attending KSU

Emily Moore–living in NYC and working at Manhattan Concert Productions

Natasha Olinetchok–living and working in Kansas City

Angie Parish–working on her Master’s degree at Colorado State

Javier Perez-Gomez–lives and works in NYC

Daniel Perez-Gomez–lives and works in NYC

Dustin Peterson–living and working in KC

Zack Powell–working with the New Mexico Shakespeare Festival

Dixie Roberts–living and working in Knoxville

Jordan Voth–living and attending Graduate School in Kansas City, MO

Jennifer Weiman–living and working in Kansas City, MO







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