What To Expect

What we are:Springtime at University Congregational Church

University Congregational Church is a progressive Christian congregation that is bound by its covenant, not adherence to a creed or doctrine.

What to expect:

Friendly people who care about you, not if you believe any set of rules, list, beliefs, etc.

A traditional worship service with outstanding preaching and beautiful music.

Opportunities to contribute to the great work of making a better community through our outreach work.

What to wear:

We tend to wear mostly “business casual” but you’ll see folks in their “Sunday Best” as well as their favorite jeans and comfy shirt. We are more concerned that you feel welcome, so wear what you like!

What we believe:

We believe that there is more to religion than a strict set of beliefs and scriptures you must follow. We believe there are more questions than answers. We believe that individual conscience is just as important as our faith tradition in guiding us to lead useful and meaningful lives.

Worship is every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM.  For more information, contact the church office at (316) 634-0430.