Posted by Paul Ellis Jackson

We welcome all of our visitors today and invite you to the fellowship hall for beverages and cookies after the worship service.  Please follow the congregation to the left out of the sanctuary.


the family of Gary Poore.  In loving memory of Gary.  

ALL BOARDS MEET immediately following the worship service at 11:45.

THE CE BOARD will meet in the Science and Exploration Room.

THE DEACONS will meet in the area outside the downstairs kitchen.

THE MUSIC BOARD will meet in the room beside the choir room.

THE OUTREACH BOARD will meet in the office meeting room.

THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES will meet in the conference room.  


HOUSE CHURCH – meets on Tuesday evenings through April 9, 2019 from 7:00-8:30pm. One group will be at Bill and Vicki Skaer’s, the other group will be at Sharon and Burt Tims home.  The book we are using is The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, available at Please contact Bill and Vicki Skaer ( or Emily Hurt if you plan to take part in the conversation.  

MENS’ LUNCH is Thursday, March 21, at 11:30, at Scotch & Sirloin. The guest speakers are Jim and Jane Kuhlmann.  They will talk about their experience with the Red Cross Disaster Relief Team for the recent Alabama tornado.  

YOGA meets every Tuesday at 4:00 and Friday, at 10:00, in fellowship hall. The cost for the Tuesday class is $5 because it is instructor led.  


ENDOWMENT BOARD ANNUAL MEETING – Sunday, March 24, at 11:30, in the sanctuary.  The UCC Endowment board will present its annual report to the congregation.  

COUNCIL MEETING on Monday, March 25, at 6:30 p.m., in the basement conference room.  

LARKSFIELD DISCUSSION GROUP meets on March 27, at 10:00 a.m., in the club room.  

DINNER FOR THE HOMELESS – Friday, March 29 is our Overflow Men’s Homeless Shelter dinner date. SAVE THE DATE! We will be preparing meals for 125 homeless men and women. Your part will be to contribute to the delicious/healthy menu in some way. Stay tuned for future developments on this worthwhile outreach!