Posted by Paul Ellis Jackson

We welcome all of our visitors today and invite you to Fellowship Hall for coffee and cookies after the service. Please follow the crowd to the left out of the sanctuary.

The flowers on the communion table today are given by Jan Deering in honor of  our new Director of Music, Michael Hanawalt.


PLEASE PLAN TO STAY for the Congregational Cafe in Fellowship Hall after the church service. Changes in the UCC By-laws will be presented and discussed.



Signup sheets are in Fellowship Hall on the PIC board. The dinners will be in October and November.  All are welcome to participate. It’s a great way to get to know new people!  If you are willing to host, please indicate the number of people you can accommodate for dinner, including yourself.






W.O.W.–THE WEDNESDAY EVENING PROGRAM continues each Wednesday through November 19 offering you additional opportunities for fellowship, worship, and education during the week.

5:30 Food will be available to purchase at a reasonable price and everyone will eat together.

6:00 A class taught by Robin on Crossan’s Justice and Peace Series.  A special music class will be taught by choir member Alyson Golloday (who is a Music Ed. Student at WSU) will be available for kids also at 6:00.

6:50 A brief worship/meditation  and the evening program ends at 7:00.


THE MEN’S GROUP LUNCH is Thursday, September 18, at 11:30

on 21st and Webb behind Walgreens.  Speaker is Ted Blankenship who will talk about his career as a journalist.

YOGA Tuesday’s at 4:00 ($5.00) Fridays at 10:00.













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p in Fellowship Hall or just join the group on Thursday.





PLEASE PLAN TO STAY FOR BOB SCOTT’S RECEPTION after the church service in Fellowship Hall. The celebration of the 30+ years of Bob’s service to UCC will continue at REVELATIONS at Prairie Pines, 4055 N. Tyler Rd..  Dinner 6:00 (prepared by the Guild ladies) 7:00 the roast begins for our beloved Bob Scott.  Sign up in Fellowship Hall or call the office to make a reservation. $20.00 p.p. (This is a  fundraiser for the student scholarship program.)


THE BOARD OF DEACONS will have a short meeting in the area off the downstairs kitchen following Bob’s reception.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the Annual Proposed Budget Meeting of University Congregational Church, Wichita, KS, as provided for in the church’s bylaws.  This meeting will be held on Sunday, September 28 in the sanctuary immediately following the church service.  Agenda items include:

  1. Approve the proposed budget for 2015
  2. Approve the changes in the UCC By-laws
  3. Any other business as is appropriate.


PLEASE CONSIDER becoming a student choir member sponsor.  The sponsorship is $1,500 per student or $150. per month OR contribute what you can and join in with other families. The campaign will continue through September.  A huge thank you for all of you who are supporting this wonderful program.


COME AND HELP make baby blankets for the October Baby Shower which helps local mothers and their newborn babies.  10:00 on Sept. 25 and Oct. 9 and if needed Oct. 23.  Sewing skills aren’t required.  Bring a sack lunch if you can stay.


MOVIE NIGHT for all ages is Sept. 2 at 6:00 “How To Train Your Dragon.”